Wine Filtration

The filtration of Wine and Fruit Juice has been a main focus Filtrox since the beginning of the company in 1938. Today, Bucher Filtrox provides innovative and reliable solutions thanks to our experience and know how in different filtration technologies.

Crossflow Microfiltration

Bucher Filtrox has developed a standardized, compact, mobile CERINOX cross-flow filter with ceramic membranes, specially designed for smaller and medium sized wine producers. The filtration capacity (depending on the product) lies between 2000 - 5000 l/h. Regarding cross-flow filters for wine filtration with Polymeric Membranes please contact our colleagues from Bucher Vaslin:

Bucher Vaslin
Rue Gaston Bernier
BP 70028
F-49290 Chalonnes-sur-Loire
Tel. : +33 (0)2 41 74 50 50

MICROSTAR RETROFIT - Replacement of polymer with ceramic membranes

With the latest generation of ceramic membranes it is possible to replace polymer membranes without reduction of the filtration surface. This is the solution to upgrade your old wine filter to a state of the art Crosssflow system.

SECUJET® - Candle filter (DE Filtration)

Especially for the smaller wineries we have designed a small and easy to use pre-coat candle filter. The filter is very compact, skid-mounted on wheels and is equipped with the original STABOX® candles.

FILTER-O-MAT® - Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (DE Filtration)

The traditional DE filtration is still widely used in wineries. In some places DE is replaced by cellulose, which works perfectly on the FILTER-O-MAT® , the advantage of the horizontal pressure leaf filter is the possibility to press out the filter with gas (air) and this way avoid any interfaces.