Filtration of Spirits, Distillates and other Alcoholic Liquids

Spirits, distillates and other alcoholic solutions are very complex liquids which differ greatly according to the raw material used, the alcoholic fermentation, the distilling method, the blending and maturing technique employed.

To produce a clear and stable end-product the spirit/alcoholic solutions are often cooled to sub-zero temperatures and kept at these conditions for days. Depending on the product, fining or processing additives are added. Activated carbon (AC) may also be applied at this stage

CERINOX® MF Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration (CMF)

MAIN LIQUOR FILTRATION: For supernatant liquor we recommend using a CMF-filtration system fitted with ceramic membranes. With such a system, with either a semi- or fully automated control, an almost continuous filtration flow can be achieved. The CMF-plant regulates itself and a minimal amount of manpower is required. The resulting filtration solids (retentate) can, at the end of the filtration run, be added to the tank bottoms (yeast sediments) from fermentation to be processed separately.

TANK BOTTOMS: Yeast sediments and/or retentate resulting from the fermentation process, can very successfully be filtered with a CMF-plant fitted with specially designed, large pore size membranes. The solids can be concentrated to a thick and heavy paste. Solid concentration of up to 20% dry matter is possible.

FILTER-O-MAT® / SYNOX® PF- DE-Filtration

For the filtration of alcoholic liquids, good results are obtained when using a horizontal pressure leaf filter (FILTER-O-MAT) or a candle filter (SYNOX PF) whichever filter system is preferred.  The filters are available either as manually operated plants or with automatic control systems, with pneumatic actuators.  Depending on the product to be filtered, the filtration may be carried out at refrigerated temperatures. In cases where the product has an alcohol content in excess of 45 - 50% Vol. it is often required to build the entire filtration plant (motors, actuators, instruments) in an explosion-proof version.          

Sheet Filter

This filter system can be recommended for all pre-filtered products. The filter can be used down-stream of the DE-Filter for medium or fine filtration and/or for the filtration of final products prior to filling or packaging.