Filtration of Fruit Juice, Berry Juices & Fruit Juice Concentrates

Fruit juice, mainly apple juice, and berry juice processing have undergone substantial changes lately.  The traditional juice clarification process (fining method) has been partially replaced with warm juice treatment such as ultra- and micro-filtration processes and in doing so,  processing- and filtration additives have been reduced.  Continuous processing methods are favoured over the batch system and the quality and stability of the final product is of utmost importance.

CERINOX® MF Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration

Cross micro-filtration CMF (warm or cold), with a selected pre-treatment process works well for fruit juices (apple juice) and most berry juices.  The plants can be tailor-made to each client's needs and flow rate.  The plants are available with a semi our fully automated control system.  Membrane filtration with ceramic membranes represents state-of-the-art filtration.

FILTER-O-MAT® - Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter (DE-Filtration)

 DE-filtration is suitable for almost all juices which have less than 0.5 % suspended solids (w/w) in the feed.  DE-filtration can also be recommended for high viscosity products such as fruit juice concentrates (up to 70°Brix / 70°C) syrups and jellies.  

Sheet Filter

This filter system can be recommended for all pre-clarified juices. The filter can be used down-stream of the DE-Filter for fine filtration and/or for the filtration of final products (hot or cold) prior to filling and packaging.