Extraction and Filtration of Tea

Usually different brands of tea powder or tea leaves (shredded leaves) are used, which gives the product its specific flavour and characteristics. In most cases the tea extraction and filtration thereof is carried out hot at 85°C - 95°C.

With Filtrox process the extraction of the tea powder or tea leaves happens in the filter system and special attention is given to the time/temperature relationship. Prolonged heat treatment leads to excessive extraction of tannic compounds which makes the tea bitter and affects the final product.  In the production of "RDT", various additives are used such as sugar, acid, flavouring, colouring, etc. which are added after the product has been cooled down. In such cases an additional filtration step may be required prior to packaging.

FILTER-O-MAT® or SYNOX® PF DE-Filtration

For the filtration of tea excellent results are obtained by using a horizontal pressure leaf filter (FILTER-O-MAT® ) or a candle filter (SYNOX® ) whichever filter system is preferred.  The filters are especially built to withstand the high temperature.  The filters are available either as manually operated plants or with automatic control systems. 

Sheet Filter

This filter system can be recommended for all pre-filtered products. The filter can be used down-stream of the DE-Filter, for fine filtration and/or for the filtration of final products prior to filling or packaging.