Beer Filtration and Stabilization

Over the time filtration technology for beer changed from the old plate and frame filters over horizontal leaf filters to candle filters, which are state of the art today and used by all mayor brewery groups in all continents. Filtrox was the company, which achieved the breakthrough of the candle filter for beer filtration and stabilization. Today membrane filtration starts becoming a viable option for beer filtration and Bucher Filtrox provides a reliable solution with ceramic membranes.

SYNOX® PF and SECUJET® - Candle Filters

Precoat Filtration with D.E. (Kieselguhr) is the most widespread method of beer filtration today. New on the market are regenerable filter aids (polymers like Crosspure from BASF). The SYNOX PF along with his smaller brother SECUJET® have become a standard in the industry. The patented STABOX® Candles and the optimized JET CONTROL™ inlet distributor guarantee an even precoat and minimized interphases. The SYNOX PF is designed to be used with alternative Filter Aids as well.

The SECUJET® with a capacity of 20 to 50 hl/h is widely used by craft brewers in the United States and South America.


With the SYNOX® PS Filtrox has transferred the well-established candle filter technology to the beer stabilisation with regenerable PVPP. Its main advantages are low production and maintenance costs (no moving parts), short preparation time by a specially developed regeneration and cleaning process, low PVPP losses and minimal energy consumption. The JET CONTROL™ inlet distributor provides a perfect distribution of PVPP and minimized interphases.

CERINOX® BF - Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration for Beer

The application of the cross-flow technology for beer filtration is a relatively old subject, but till recently only polymer membranes were available, which are limited in temperature (no sterilization), pH (expensive cleaning agents) and life time. Bucher Filtrox now can offer a solution with ceramic membranes, which are very robust, reliable and can be sterilized. The advantages of this solution are:

  • Reliable membranes with 8-10 years life time
  • Sterilization possible
  • Cleaning with caustic and acid without expensive special products

CERINOX® BR - Ceramic Crossflow Microfiltration for Beer Recovery

For beer recovery from yeast (tank bottoms) the cross-flow technology with ceramic membranes was introduced by Filtrox more than 10 years ago and meanwhile is well established in the brewing industry. The advantages of the cross-flow membrane filtration are:

  • modular design, adaptable for all brewery sizes
  • Reliable membranes with 8-10 years life time
  • No oxygen uptake
  • yeast free filtrate
  • High quality of the recovered beer